Social Health Score

Would you like to know how your product is performing on social with one KPI? Appsedia’s Social Health Score gives you the ability to understand how well your product is doing and how well your competitors are doing.

What can you do with a Social Health Score?

Appsedia’s Social Health Score allows you to:

  • Simplify the number of social metrics that you are tracking
  • Track and trend your product’s overall social performance
  • Quickly compare your product’s social performance to the social performance of your competitors

How it works

Appsedia’s Social Health Score is built using a combination of the following three pillars:

  • Social Volume
  • Social Sentiment
  • Social Frenzy

Social Volume captures how loudly a product stands out in the overall marketplace relative to other products. The more that people talk about a product, the higher its score.

Social Sentiment captures how positively/negatively the public feels when they speak about a product.

Social Frenzy describes how hot a product is performing on social is right now relative to how it usually performs. You might expect this number to spike if you are running a marketing campaign.