Frequently Asked Questions

Appsedia is an AI tool that helps you manage your brand on social platforms and provides you with actionable app store optimization insights.

Appsedia analyzes thousands of online app-related conversations each day, and analyzes the text using a patented machine learning framework to give you actionable insights about your app in a user-friendly and digestible format. 

Appsedia allows you to view any and all apps, not just your own (provided they are listed on the App Store or Google Play). See FAQ 'how do I request a new application?'. 

Yes. Appsedia allows you to pull in data from any app, not just your own. If you have enterprise access, you can view multiple apps in one view by selecting the 'library analytics' tab and choosing the apps you wish to compare. See FAQ 'how do I request a new application?'. 

Appsedia can pull in data from Apple, Google Play, Twitter and Reddit. (Facebook and Discord currently at βeta stage). 

  • Sign-up for an account here
  • Choose your preferred payment cadence (monthly or annually) choose our free plan or premium plan
  • Enter your basic personal details to finish the registration

Note: You don't need to enter credit card details to join freemium!

We offer a FREE plan for individuals and see here for further details on how you can upgrade your subscription. 

See here for information on how you can upgrade or change your subscription. 

Navigate to your profile, then 'teams'


Here, you can:

  •      Select 'Invite Member' to invite anyone that is already a registered user
  • teams
  •      Remove members from your team by clicking the red 'X' next to their username: teams
  •      Assign each member a role within the team
  • teams

Yes. You may terminate your access to the services at any time by downgrading your subscription to 'Free' at the following link here

See here

  • If you can't find your application in the search bar, you may need to add a new application that hasn't been added to Appsedia yet.
  • Click on the "App" dropdown, then click on the “add new app” link above the search bar to request a new app.
  • Enter the app details, as best as you can. The minimum requirement is one App ID.
  • Once you click submit, we will verify that you have added all of the information correctly, and your new app data should be available within 10 minutes.

  • Go to the 'raw data' tab on the top ribbon.
  • Select the 'download.csv' button on the top right side of the page.

Yes. Appsedia will translate reviews into English when required. 

  • The Social Health Score is calculated using an algorithm that takes Social Sentiment, Social Volume, and Social Frenzy scores as its inputs.
  • For more information, check out this blog post: Measuring Products Social Health and this page: Social Health Score

  • Appsedia's Social Rhythm heatmap highlights the times of the day ( and the days of the week) when people are most likely to post an online comment or review.
  • For more information, check out this blog post: What is your app's Social Rhythm?

  • Appsedia examines the tone and context of app reviews and social media posts to determine how the public feels when they write about your app.
  • Daily sentiment is calculated using an algorithm that takes these factors as its inputs.

Yes. Our API is available at the enterprise subscription tier. Please follow this link Here to see Appsedia's API documentation.