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Appsedia is your second set of eyes, never miss a conversation about you brand again!

View all of the conversations about your brand in one place.

Monitor trends in volume, sentiment, and conversation topics.

Respond to conversations faster and smarter.

"Appsedia is like a second set of eyes working in the background, it has even spotted issues that I have missed."

Riley Mullins, Community Manager

"I love how Appsedia allows me to look at my competitors trends and see what way the overall market is moving."

Carol Doyle, Product Manager

"Appsedia allowed us to respond to our customers all from one place rather than having to jump around."

Johnny Bryan, Community Manager

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Track customer trends at a glance

Social Health Score

Measure your community strength with one simple metric.

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Customer Sentiment

Track how your customers feel about you over time.

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Conversation trends

Explore common topics (good or bad) that your customers bring up when they talk about you.

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