Community Management

Get a better understanding of what your customers are saying about your product online in one centralized location. Spot the trends, respond to feedback, and see how your product compares to other similar products.

Social Analytics

  • Use our Social Volume Heatmap to determine when people are talking about your app and time campaigns to maximize network effects.
  • Measure the impact of campaigns by observing trends in social volume and social topics.
  • See what topics your customers are talking about, and plan your campaigns to resonate with popular issues.

Industry Analysis

  • Find out what the public is saying about other apps in your industry.
  • Analyze other Community Managers in your industry and learn from innovative and best practices.
  • Identify industry-wide pain points that your product solves particularly well and highlight these points in communications.
  • Find out what the public is saying about your competitors and design your campaigns to capitalize on competitor weaknesses.
  • Identify your app’s perceived general weaknesses relative to your competitors, and take action to minimize the fallout in communications.