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Turn social chatter into actionable insights.

Appsedia is an online web application that takes positive and negative sentiments from public digital sources and combines them with results from topic modeling to cluster and filter user reviews, providing valuable insights and a Social Health Score that can be translated into a company’s strategy and direction.

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Sentiment Analysis

Appsedia comes with a wide range of built-in analytics tools, one of which focuses on sentiment in reviews and social media posts. Understanding whether an app’s users are more likely to talk positively or negatively about it, and the ability to drill into each of those reviews, opens up a whole new and deeper understanding of how an app is being received in the market.

Topic & Sentiment Customization

Natural language processing is a very complex challenge for Appsedia to master. To customize our customers opinions and feelings about a review, they have the ability to delete, add, or change the sentiment and topic classification. Appsedia’s machine learning algorithm learns about these changes over time to adjust new incoming reviews and produce more accurate results.

Know your product’s social health and how it is performing by listening to customer feedback across Play Store, App Store, Reddit and Twitter!

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