Popular Topic Identification

Would you like to know what topics commonly come up in discussions around your product? Appsedia allows you to understand what your users are saying about your product by identifying common issues in public discourse.

What can you do with Popular Topic identification?

Appsedia’s Topic Modelling module gives you the ability to answer:

  • What is the public saying about your app?
  • How has this trend over time?
  • What are some of your app’s common pain points?
  • What features do users particularly enjoy about my app?
  • How does discussion around your app compare to its competitors?
  • How is the conversation around your competitors’ apps trending over time?
  • How did the latest release/marketing campaign affect public discourse?

How it works

Appsedia looks for common points of discussion in-app reviews and social media posts. Our algorithm is optimized across each social platform and each app category.